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Does It Make Sense to Sell Your Non-Core PE Funds?

We are actively looking for mature PE funds and FoFs. We look for Win-Win situations.

One man’s legacy PE is another man’s vintage exposure

Overbay offers its investors accelerated exposure to diversified, mature private equity. To do this, we buy older funds and funds of funds (FoFs) on a secondary basis. Our strategy addresses two common problems facing private equity investors.

For institutions with mature private equity programs, legacy funds and FoFs can weigh on returns and take up capacity that could be used for new investments.

At the same time, for investors building private investment programs, it is difficult and takes years to get to their target allocation. What they need is vintage exposure. We are investors in 100s of funds and track 100s of others. We would be happy to provide quick, transparent pricing feedback on your funds. It doesn’t always make sense to sell but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

We Focus on Buying FoFs

If you’re thinking of selling, we are an approved buyer of FoFs. We are investors in over 100 FoFs
and maintain up-to-date pricing on hundreds of others.

By working with Overbay, you get:

feedback-01 Quick, transparent feedback
fast Smooth, fast execution
creative Creative solutions
increased-access Strong pricing

How Older FoFs Can Still Deliver Value

Sometimes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Learn more about how older
FoFs can provide value to certain investors.

OVER-fund-of-funds-cover 4 Reasons We Love
Fund of Funds
$2B+ of Transactions
500+ Fund Investments
$300M Transaction Size

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