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Overbay’s Innovative Approach to Private Equity Investing

Our strategy and fund structure mitigate
the main drawbacks of PE

How We Enhance Portfolio Performance

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Private equity is appealing for many investors because it holds the potential for tremendous returns. However, investors soon discover that PE is a complex and risky asset class, requiring patience and a very long time horizon.

Overbay’s funds are uniquely structured to accelerate returns and mitigate risk for investors.

Through acquiring mature private equity portfolios from other institutions, we can skip the painful early years of ownership and provide exposure to the asset class in a way that is Safer, Faster, and, ultimately, Better for our investors.

Immediate and Precise Exposure

To build a properly diversified private equity program, an institution normally needs to commit to many funds over several years. These funds in turn take years to invest in private companies. Investors find that it is an imprecise and often frustrating process and that achieving their target allocation to private equity is difficult.

Overbay’s funds enable investors to precisely deploy capital into PE and provide mature exposure that investors would otherwise have to wait years to achieve. Since the underlying investments are older and in their ‘harvest phase’, returns occur dramatically sooner.


Global Diversification to
Mitigate Risk

While private equity has produced historically strong investment returns overall, the individual performance of funds has varied wildly. In fact, a significant portion of PE funds dramatically underperform public equity and other asset classes.

Diversification is the best antidote to risk. That’s why Overbay invests across hundreds of companies, diversified by geography and sector, to mitigate risk and help investors participate in future growth, wherever it occurs.


Shorter Durations for Accelerated Returns

While private equity offers the promise of eye-popping growth, PE funds require a long-term investment of 10 to 15 years, during which time the capital is locked up in the fund. 

Overbay offers access to mature funds with a hold period of three to five years. Investors enjoy accelerated returns, get their initial investment back faster, and can quickly leverage their gains in other investment strategies.


Crapshoot: Picking Private Equity Funds Can Be a Roll of the Dice

Better understanding the randomness of PE performance

$1.8B Assets Under Management
500+ Fund Investments
10,000+ Companies Globally

Accelerate Returns, Mitigate Risk

Learn how Overbay funds can help investors capture the benefits of private equity while avoiding many of its pitfalls