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Overbay Fund XVI Convertible Trust

Video Replay

This module allows you to show associated content with an image or video on the left or right - full width or content width. You can add a intro title, title, an image, a link, social icons or a CTA to your content area and even use it as a testimonial. Optionally specify a custom height for this section and configure several backgrounds for the content are, like background color, background image or video, even gradients with several directions, an overlay color or gradient with opacities, etc. In this case it is used to show the bio of Jennifer.


  • Cross browser optimized - FF, Safari, Chrome, IE11, Edge, Opera
  • Fully Responsive design - perfect on any device
  • Multi-language ready - everything in our modules is translatable
  • Retina image support for high-density pixel displays
  • Flexible - Customize font and color scheme to fit your brand
  • Great documentation - good for new or legacy users
  • Professional support - we love what we do and who we do it for
  • Many header- / footer-layouts and loads of easy-to-use modules