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Investment Philosophy

A better way to access private equity

Traditionally private equity fund investors have had to endure multiple years of negative cash flows as they wait for their fund commitments to be deployed and start generating returns (the J-Curve). We believe private equity becomes a more attractive asset class once capital is deployed and the investments are generating returns.

While private equity has historically delivered superior returns relative to public equity, individual private equity fund performance has varied widely. We believe diversification is paramount to minimizing risk and achieving superior returns over the long-term.

Overbay was founded to deliver accelerated exposure to diversified, high quality private equity to investors. To do this, Overbay combs the world looking for institutions that need or want liquidity from their private investments and purchases portfolios that are typically fully invested and cash flowing.

By purchasing mature fund portfolios, Overbay allows investors to gain private equity exposure immediately and realize returns sooner.

Success underpinned by pro-active sourcing and deep underwriting

We believe it takes a focused effort to uncover the best opportunities. We have built a global network of relationships in the private equity community that we are continuously growing. Through our fair-minded and thoughtful approach with potential sellers, we strive to be the go-to buyer for institutions that seek liquidity from diversified private equity portfolios.

Each investment opportunity undergoes an extensive due diligence process conducted by the investment team utilizing company, manager, and portfolio-level analysis. Overbay believes in rigorous and conservative underwriting with a focus on risk mitigation.

Solutions for Investors

Innovative solutions

Overbay manages a range of products that cater to varying liquidity needs, timelines, and risk tolerances for both institutional and individual investors. Overbay’s strategies are designed to overcome many of the traditional barriers to investing in private equity and to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

World-class partners

We work with the private equity industry’s leading tax, audit, legal, and fund administration service providers to ensure a best-in-class experience for investors.

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