Overbay Capital Partners

Quick & Transparent Feedback

Overbay buys funds from across the spectrum of private markets in order to build diversified portfolios. As a direct investor in 400+ funds and as an indirect investor in 10,000+ private companies, we can provide rapid pricing feedback to potential sellers.

We work collaboratively, discreetly and transparently with institutions that are seeking liquidity from their private markets assets to find the optimal solution. We have a long term, relationship-focused approach and are happy to provide this feedback with no obligation to transact. We recognize that sometimes holding is the right decision.

$1+ Billion of Transactions

Invested in 400+ funds

Broad Appetite

$10-300 million

Transaction size

  • 1.       Funds of Funds
  • 2.      Private Equity
  • 3.      Venture Capital
  • 4.      Private Credit
  • 5.      Structured Solutions

Creative solutions + Seamless execution

Providing more than liquidity

Sellers typically have multiple objectives beyond price maximization. We focus on each seller’s strategic goals and transaction sensitivities to come up with the optimal solution. Sometimes a simple sale will not accomplish the seller’s goals or have serious drawbacks. We are creative and we can often structure transactions in different ways so that both the seller and we achieve our goals.

Preferred partner for managers and sellers

Private equity funds can be restrictive on which investors they admit to their funds which can create issues for transfer. In addition, the onboarding process for new investors can be time consuming and push back transaction times. We are fortunate to be an approved buyer with 100s of the world’s leading private equity managers, making the closing process quicker and smoother.

In addition, we try to be more than simply a replacement LP with our managers. We can offer a range of solutions that can create value for the GP and the other investors.

Experienced team of secondary private equity investors

Selling private investments can be difficult and time consuming. The principals of Overbay have completed over 800 secondary transactions over the past 15 years. We utilize this deep experience and the resources of a large purpose-built team to efficiently execute complex transactions.